Multigame is a super modern GameFi platform, providing ultimate utilities to Gaming & NFTs projects. The platform is designed to be fair and easy to use, launched on Binance Smart Chain and ready to expand to Ethereum Optimism.

😋 Currently Multigame has 2 on going Airdrop programs:

Airdrop #1: $10,000 BUSD Airdrop

his is a program that we are self-implementing. 800 lucky members will receive prizes as well as there will be 10 prizes of $500 for top performers.

There are many attractive prizes for lucky participants:

  • 10 BUSD for 800 lucky participants.
  • 10 prizes up to $500 for the top performers

Visit and complete our requirements.

  • Airdrop ends: August 26th, 2021
  • Payout date: September 2nd, 2021

Airdrop #2: Coinmarketcap $20,000 Airdrop

This is a program that Coinmarketcap is organizing for Multigame, there will be 3000 prizes selected by Coinmarketcap, each person will receive 303 $MULTI after the program ends.

Join here:

Golden opportunity to buy Magic Box

“Magic Box” is NFT released by Multigame, which integrated with ECHO: A fiction story was developed by Multigame.

The first INO of Multigame will allow you to buy Magic Box at $29/box. Nonetheless, each wallet address only can buy maximum 20 boxes, and the special offer will be 20,000 boxes.

Multigame's value warranty mechanism commits to buy back Magic Box on Marketplace for $39/box.

Learn more:

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