Details about Community Round

  • Multigame puts influencers, community owners, and media owners as our priority to join private sales to develop our community stronger and bigger.
  • You can join our private sale with the allocation of $1000 to $5000 (depends on your contributing ability) if you meet our conditions.
  • All the tokens will be unlocked twenty percent (20%) at TGE and will be vesting in 12 months based on our uploaded tokenomics at

Who is this offer for?

  • Influencers: You have a certain influence in the cryptocurrency market, you have a personal page with content related to cryptocurrencies and have a lot of followers.
  • Community Owners: You manage the community related to cryptocurrencies and are willing to support Multigame in spreading the news to your community members.
  • Media/Website Owners: You own media channels or websites with a certain amount of traffic about cryptocurrencies and are willing to support Multigame in transmitting the information.


  • You need to have specific influences on your own community about cryptocurrency and it is daily active. The Allocation will be decided by the active users, not the number of users.
  • If you are website owners or media owners, your traffic must be related to cryptocurrency and the traffic amount must be stable, increased or not down a lot.

Instructions to Join Community Round

  • Step 1: Introduction about Multigame our INO instructions to your community.
  • Step 2: Contact us via Telegram
  • Step 3: If your community meets up our conditions, we will confirm with you about the allocation then sign the SAFT to complete the agreement.

Additional note

According to our Tokenomics, we only save ten percent (10%) of tokens for our partners that included investment funds, partners, and community round. The Community Round will be ended right after the tokens are sold out.

At the beginning of each month, individuals or organizations participating in the Community Round need to fill out a form to unlock tokens for that month. If an individual or organization does not fill out the form, the token will be accumulated to the next month. (The form will be posted on the announcement channel.)

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