Multigame has a mechanism that makes many investors excited about, it is: Auto Distribution Mechanism.

So how does this mechanism work? And why is it necessary?

10% transactions are auto delivered to community pools

The system will auto take 10% of every Multi Token ($MULTI) transactions on Pancakeswap to put in community pools as below:

There are many crypto projects have already applied this mechanism and gained great supports from investors.

This mechanism works even when many MEMES project have not yet had a really clear product. And this mechanism has contributed to push their market capitalization to billions of USD.

Let me tell you how attractive and effective this mechanism is.

Prevent scalping trader

Scalping traders are groups of investors who buy tokens at cheap prices and sell them right after earning an acceptable profit (around 20% to 30%).

If a project has many scalping traders, the loss from liquidity pool will be huge.

Auto Distribution Mechanism will completely prevent these groups of investors because they will feel risky when the transaction is deducted 10% to put in the general community fund.

Prevent bots

If you trace any tokens traded on major DEXs like Pancakeswap or Uniswap, you will find out many bots join trading for earning the trading fees.

Bots will set buy and sell orders to earn an instant gap profit.

Auto Distribution Mechanism will absolutely prevent these bots as 100% bots will lose when being deducted 10% fee.

Attract long term investors

A crypto project will steadily increase its capitalization if it attracts many long-term investors.

Auto Distribution Mechanism is especially effective because only investors in the long run will not care much about the initial 10% deduction. It's not a matter of their concerns.

Liquidity fund and NFTs abundance

A low value liquidity pool will cause strong price fluctuations so many unlucky investors will have to buy tokens at high price.

However, an abundant liquidity pool will help the value of $MULTI growing more steadily. This will attract many big investors.

The NFTs fund will also grow rapidly, and the benefits will still return to those who hold or farm $MULTI.

The only disadvantage

Any mechanism has its own weaknesses, and Auto Distribution Mechanism is also either. The investors may feel like they have lost 10% of their total account and have a little bit worry.

However, we should understand this is mechanism that already "tested and proven" for its success.

Comparing to its advantages, this feeling of disappointment is not a problem.

To make things more positive, instead of thinking that your trade is deducted 10%, you can understand it in a different way - the actual MULTI price is 10% higher than what is shown in Pancakeswap or Coinmarketcap.

And importantly, let's think about the advantages and long term run. Multigame on Binance Smart Chain is just the initial start.

We are still waiting for Multigame on Ethereum Optimism once the technology is ready.

How to increase slippage to 12% to trade $MULTI

Since 10% of each transaction is automatically transferred to the pools, you need to set up Slippage Tolerance to at least 12% to be able to trade MULTI at Pancakeswap.

At the Pancakeswap interface, click on the gear icon (Settings icon)

Enter 12% in the Slippage Tolerance field

(Optional) You can choose Default Transaction Speed (GWEI) as Fast or Instant for the faster transaction confirmation.

What if "Auto NFTs Reward" feature has not launched?

The Auto NFTs Reward feature is expected to be available in mid-September. So, if NFTs Reward Pool has not been used yet, we will use the entire fund to buy MULTI back on Pancakeswap and BURN.

We will provide full proof when tokens are bought back and burned.

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