Following are detailed information about our IDO token sale plan and the Pancakeswap listing schedule:

Token Sale Plan (IDO)

  • IDO time: 30th August. The specific time will be revealed soon
  • Taken place at: Simple LaunchPad (A product of Multigame)
  • $MULTI on sale: 5,000,000 MULTI (0.5% of total token supply)
  • Initial price: $0.022
  • Initial marketcap: $550,000
  • Number of wallets: 500
  • Maximize amount per wallet: 10,000 MULTI ($220)
  • Pancakeswap listing time: on the same day, the exact time will be announced later.
  • Tokenomics:

Who Can Join the Token Sale?

Only 500 people can join our token sale. They are those who owned the "IDO Box" when joining our INO (Initial NFTs Offering) which will be held 2 days before (28th August 2021)

The INO allows you to buy and sell the "Magic Box" at price of $29 and if you are lucky, you will be the one who own "IDO Box" to join the IDO on 30th August 2021.

You will not be able to open the "Magic Box" in August. However, the Multigame's value warranty mechanism commits to buy back the "Magic Box" for $39 when our marketplace feature is launched on 5th September 2021.

For more details, please check here:

Pancakeswap Listing

You can buy $MULTI at Pancakeswap after we add more liquidity. The detailed information as below:

  • Listing time: 30th August (we will announce the exact time later)
  • Trading pair: MULTI-BNB
  • Initial price: $0.022
  • Slippage: 12%. Please have a careful check of our Auto Distribution Mechanism at
  • For more updates, we will share on our announcement channel

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