There were over 110,000 members in Telegram's group, over 100,000 INO whitelist registrations, over 50,000 online members on website at the same time of INO event (15:00 UTC August 28th).

But there were only 20,000 Magic Boxes sold.

The competition was crazy intense, so many people missed it or could not succeed in buying Magic Box.

Please do not worry as we would love to share with you that this is only the start of Multigame, we still have many works to do and you are surely will have many opportunities ahead.

In this recap, you will understand more in details.

"INO is Trend"

From which trend do you know about cryptocurrency? ICO, IEO or IDO?

All these trends are still existing and developing well. However, NFTs is the strongest trend in this 2021. I believe that everyone has been realizing about this trend.

NFTs is no longer a new topic as of early 2021, it is getting closer and closer to you through NFTs platforms, especially GameFi.

That is reason why you should pay more attention in INO: Initial NFTs Offering.

20,000 Magic Boxes were sold out in just 10 seconds

This shows the big love from Multigame's community for Magic Box, even though it is not opened right now.

And it proves that with the crypto community who loves NFTs, likely they would prefer to collect rare NFTs in the future rather than store tokens for the long term.

It is future of Multigame

As we told you many times, it is true that Multigame is not only has Magic Box but also will work with other projects to sell initial NFTs with exclusive offer.

Imagine that you can buy animal eggs, blind boxes, cars,... from other GameFi projects at preferential cost.

You can collect it for long term and use it in their game ecosystem or trade it on Multigame's Marketplace for profit.

Not only INO, Multigame also has many other opportunities

Multigame is a multitasking platform, we focus on developing many simple, yet highly effective features like what you have seen with INO.

  • Simple LaunchPad helps the community to easily join IDO.
  • Marketplace helps you to exchange and trade NFTs conveniently (and only focus on GameFi market).
  • Farming allows $MULTI farmer to be rewarded more $MULTI by providing the liquidity (like the success of Pancakeswap).
  • Auto NFTs Reward allows you to automatic receive NFTs by holding or farming $MULTI.
  • And please do not forget that we are developing our own game too.

The next event - Pancakeswap Listing

Do not forget that the next important event of Multigame will be taking place on August 30th. We are using all the funds raised from IDO to add in the liquidity on Pancakeswap.

The highlight of this listing event is that we will apply the Fair-launch mechanism, including:

  • The price of the private sale, IDO or listing rounds will be the same at $0.022
  • The private sale round will be only unlocked 20%, the remaining 80% will be locked and will be unlocked by the cycle of 12 months.
  • The development team does not hold any tokens, they will participate in the event same as users.

The initial information will be shown as below:

We are just getting started.

All has just started, we will have a long way to go. We will try our best to develop our products, develop the community in the long term to keep up with the trend of GameFi and Metaverse.

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