We had plan to add liquidity to Pancakeswap as scheduled at 14:00 UTC on August 30.

However, we encountered some unexpected issues. This article will help you to clearly understand what happened and our proposed resolutions.

Could not add liquidity with MULTI/BNB pair

As committed from begining, we planned to add liquidity with the pair MUTI/BNB. However, Pancakeswap issue did not allow us to implement it.

Many bots were trying to use the smart contract to attack the liquidity and buy a big amounts of $MULTI at the same time. Also, many other bots were trying to attack by many other means.

Private sale investors claimed token and added MULTI-BUSD liquidity by themselves

We automatically scheduled the timeline for public sale investors to claim tokens at 14:15. It is already set up on the smart contract and we even could not change this schedule.

Some investors have added liquidity to the BUSD pair with a small amount of $MULTI and BUSD.

Unfortunately, some other investors accidentally bought $MULTI when the liquidity was very small. And they lost some amounts of BNB (Or BUSD).

(Investigated) We have been attacked to PREVENT us from adding the liquidity

After investigation, we have concluded that we have been attacked by bots (or individuals).

They sent WBNB to the address of MULTI-BNB pair and other different manipulations attack , making it impossible to add $MULTI liquidity (The MULTI's automatic distribution mechanism is operated based on these parameters)

At first, the attacker sent 0.000000001WBNB to LP pair


And then, they used some complicated technical tricks to PREVENT our adding liquidity process.

Multigame's smart contract works by its own mechanisms, not like other tokens. So this attack was unexpected and we could not have foreseen it.


Please do not worry. We will try our best to resolve this in soonest time.

1. We will refund 100% the investor's loss

We will refund the full money that investors "mistakenly" bought $MULTI with high price.

If you were one of them, please fill out the form: https://forms.gle/LbRALZWiwf4j4adP7

(We will resolve case by case so it may take a day)

Before 11:00 UTC on August 31st, we will complete the refund of BNB (or BUSD) to users who made the purchase at high price. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY SURE, NO ONE WILL LOSE MONEY🚀

2. New Pancakeswap launching plan

We have found some solutions to prevent the attack like today. We have also received the support from some security partners.

In general, the bots (or individuals) can only prevent us from adding liquidity on Pancakeswap. And they can do no more for the rest.

However, we will put priority to handle the refund process that mentioned above.

At 15:00 UTC on August 31st, we will officially list on Pancakeswap again. We already had a radical solution to the problem of being attacked by bots today. 🎉

We are still here

If you lost BNB or BUSD, please do not worry as we are still here to resolve all the issue and help you to get back your lost quantity in just a day.

We do hope to get your sympathy on this attack and allow us a little bit delay to make all done. Please be relaxed as everything will get better.