Multigame has launched the next essential feature in the GameFi Ecosystem: Marketplace.

We designed the Marketplace to be simple but highly efficient.

Initially, we only can see Magic Box on Marketplace. However, when our #Collect2Earn NFTs Game is launched, over 70 types of NFTs can be traded on the Marketplace.

How to buy NFTs

Below is the display of one NFTs type that is listed on Marketplace. There will be many people who want to sell NFTs at different prices at the same time.

To buy from the cheapest seller, click the "Buy Now" button, the data will show the seller with the lowest price.

Or you can find the specific seller based on their wallet address.

Then, you need to choose the buying amount:

If the transaction is succeeded, the display will be as below:

If you do not have MULTI, you can swap it on Pancakeswap:

How to sell NFTs

If you want to sell any NFTs, you need to post a new listing as below display:

You need to choose the selling amount and set a reasonable price; the better the selling price you set, the faster your NFTs sold. The display is as below:

After pressing the "Post your listing" button, you need to wait till someone buys your NFTs.

How to cancel the listing

To cancel the listing, you need to check in the box "Your listing" then, you can find your listing and cancel it.

#Collect2Earn NFTs Game is coming soon

We have designed a simple and easy-to-use Marketplace. This is a critical feature of our plans.

It will be tightly linked to the #Collect2Earn Game that will be introduced very soon. Users need to collect enough NFTs to merge them into a complete Multigame character.

This will encourage users to exchange NFTs with each other on Marketplace.

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