How Farming, Staking, and Auto NFTs Reward work? What are they different? How will the holders who have been affected by the 12% slippage tolerance receive their rewards?

We would love to make it clear in this article.

Farming & Staking

Farming is when you contribute an amount of MULTI and BNB to Liquidity Pools and receive LP tokens. You can use LP tokens to put in the farming pool and get rewards. The reward here will be the Magic Box.

Farming is the fastest way to mint new Magic Boxes.

For Staking, you do not need BNB; you just need MULTI to contribute to the staking pool to get the Magic Box reward.

The time to mint Magic Box from Staking will not be as fast as Farming.

Auto NFTs Reward

Auto NFTs Reward is a fully auto mechanism; you do not need to do anything; simple hold MULTI in your wallet then Magic Boxes will be auto rewarded automatically.

The time to mint Magic Box from Auto NFTs Reward will not be as fast as Farming and Staking.

For those affected by 12% slippage tolerance, your reward has been counted to the Auto NFTs Reward. Your reward is calculated based on the time you keep MULTI in your wallet. Even though you have already sold MULTI, you will still receive the reward for the period of MULTI holding time before.


For Auto NFTs Reward: You will receive 1 Magic Box per day for every 20,000 MULTI you hold. This does not mean you have to hold the full 20,000 MULTI. If you hold less MULTI, it will take a longer time to mint a new Magic Box.

For Staking: You will receive 1 Magic Box per day for every 18,000 MULTI you stake.

For Farming: There is no specific rule. The reward will be adjusted based on the number of people joining in Farming. The larger the Farming Pool, the more Magic Boxes will be rewarded.


If you hold 5,000 MULTI, you will get a new Magic Box every four days by the Auto NFTs Reward mechanism.

If you stake 36,000 MULTI, you will mint two new Magic Boxes every day.

If you join farming, there is no specific number. The initial Magic Box Pool is 200 boxes per day. The earlier you join the farming, the more Magic Boxes will be rewarded. Also, the number of 200 Magic Boxes per day is not fixed, the more people join the farming, and the larger the liquidity pool is, the bigger rewards will be.

Other rules

There is no limitation on how many Magic Boxes you can claim per day for Farming and Staking, but for Auto NFTs Reward, you only can claim 1 Magic Box per day.

How to Farm or Stake?

To participate in Stake or Farm, please visit

For Farming, you need to add liquidity first using MULTI and BNB. And then you use LP tokens to farm:

For Staking, you just simply need to choose the MULTI pool and start to stake MULTI.

How to check the reward?

To check and claim Magic Box, please visit:

How to speed up the Magic Box reward?

Hold more MULTI, stake more MULTI, or farm more MULTI. This depends on your investment strategy.

Trade MULTI here: