You have just known about Multigame and still confusing what you should do at this moment?

Here are some advices arranged in sequence to help you easier understanding about the platform. And accompanied by opportunities are waiting for you to explore.

Understand Everything Through Our Light Paper

Multigame's Light Paper will help you to have the easiest and simplest understanding about our GameFi platform.

⬇️ Download at

Opportunity #1: Owning Magic Box

Magic Box is the first NFT that will be created by Multigame. It will be sold with exclusive offer in INO event (Initial NFTs Offering), which held by us on 28th August.

Only 20,000 boxes with exclusive offer at $29 (63% discount compared to original price of $79). Each wallet only can buy maximize 20 boxes. Especially, Magic Box is committed to buy back for price $39 when our Marketplace is launched in early September.

You need to reach 10 entries to have opportunity of joining whitelist for Magic Box sale at:

Opportunity #2: IDO Event and Pancakeswap Listing

If you are the owner of rare Magic Box (is called as IDO Box), you can join $MULTI token sale on 30th August

With each IDO Box that you own, you can buy 10,000 $MULTI for price of $0.022. There will be only 500 IDO Boxes randomly appear in INO event.

$MULTI will be also listed on Pancakeswap after that with initial information:

  • Initial Price: $0.022
  • Initial Marketcap: $550,000

Until then, you can check $MULTI price on Coinmarketcap:

Opportunity #3: Get rewards when #Hold or #Farm $MULTI

Auto NFTs Reward feature launched in early September will help anyone who holding or farming $MULTI getting rewards of new NFTs

Particularly, 69.5% of $MULTI will be released in 3 years via farming. So if you join the farming, you will both receive new $MULTI and new NFTs

Opportunity #4: Have Right to Join New INO Events

INO (Initial NFTs Offering) feature is not only for Magic Box sale but also for many other NFTs sale of partner's projects on this platform.

We will work with other GameFi projects so you will have more opportunities of owning other NFTs with exclusive offers.

Details of conditions and allocations for $MULTI holders or NFTs collectors will be customized depends on each specific project.

Opportunity #5: Collect and Trade NFTs on Marketplace.

When our marketplace is launched, you will become professional GameFi's NFTs collector and trader.

You can buy NFTs from cheap sellers and resell them to those who in need with higher price. Or you can hunt rare NFTs and keep them till gaining higher profit.

You can set your own most suitable strategy of collecting and trading NFTs.

When Is the Game Released?

You may have this question as you already knew Multigame is in the developing progress of our own game named "Echo".

However, please be patient as the best products are always deserved to be waited for their completions. Moreover, Multigame is a operating platform in GameFi ecosystem, we have many features to keep you excited while waiting for the game.

All information of the game's plot and Gameplay will be revealed to you as soon as possible when we are ready for it.

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