Following is detailed information about $MULTI listing on Pancakeswap on September 1st.

Important Timelines:

  • Pancakeswap listing time: 14:00 UTC on September 1st
  • Public sale distribution time: After listing 15 minutes (If you own IDO Box and claim token, you DON'T NEED to do anything, new token will be sent to your wallet)

Detailed Information about Pancakeswap Listing

Below is detailed information about $MULTI Pancakeswap Listing:

  • Listing time: 14:00 UTC on September 1st
  • Pair: MULTI-BNB
  • Slippage: 12% (Important! If your slippage is low, the transaction will not be successful).
  • Contract address: will be announced on 13:40 UTC on September 1st (We will use NEW CONTRACT ADDRESS)

Initial token information:

  • Initial price: $0.022
  • Initial circulating: 25,000,000 MULTI
  • Initial marketcap: $550,000

Why do we need to increase slippage to 12%?

10% of each transaction will be automatically contributed to community pools. This helps the community to always have an abundant source of liquidity and the value warranty fund for NFTs. In addition, this mechanism is very useful in many aspects:

  • ✅ Prevent Scalping Trader
  • ✅ Prevent bots
  • ✅ Attract long term investors
  • ✅ Abundant liquidity and NFTs fund

Please read the below article to better understand about the advantages of Auto Distribution Mechanism:

How to increase slippage to 12% to trade $MULTI

At the Pancakeswap interface, click on the gear icon (Settings icon)

Enter 12% in the Slippage Tolerance field

(Optional) You can choose Default Transaction Speed (GWEI) as Fast or Instant for the faster transaction confirmation.

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