To build up a successful platform in initial stage and attract around 100,000 interested users in social media, beside each individual, we would like to deeply express our sincere thanks to our over 50 partners in the crypto market.

We're sorry that space on the website is limited, so we can only post a few typical partners. We will announce specific partner in the product development process.

In this article, we would like to share with the community about our partners collaborations that will be implemented.

INO Partner

INO is Multigame's mainstream product. This means not only Multigame sell Magic Box but also other GameFi project to cooperate with Multigame to sell their Gaming NFTs with initial exclusive offer.

Note: Multigame only cooperates to sell Gaming NFTs, not other markets because we are a niche development platform.

$MULTI holders and NFTs holders will have allocations to join these INO events (This depends on each specific project and agreements with our partners. Multigame does not have discretion to decide).

Community Partner

Multigame prioritizes partners with activities in promoting users and communities. You can see at our Tokenomics, there will be 10% community incentive funds for this promotions in 2 years.

It's an honor that we had a lot of the community support in early days. Multigame would not be successful without the community.

Multigame has been working with many communities of Crypto, GameFi and many of them are willing to cooperate by introducing Multigame to their communities with their contents and videos.

That is the reason why we are about to reach 100,000 members on Telegram and 100,000 members on Twitter too.

Media Partner

It is indispensable cooperation of many presses and  websites to support Multigame's communication. Thank you for helping the first INO event spreading to many people.

In addition, some partners have supported Multigame to host AMA sessions, helping the community to have better understand of features that we are developing.

VC Partner

Some large and small investment funds have ready to participate in the Private sale and accept tokens being locked for a long time.

Venture capitals have supported Multigame in connecting with other related projects to develop our long-term partners and we are working hard to process this.

Also, Venture capitals have helped to promote Multigame through their communities and media units about our Magic Box sale event on August 28th.


Multigame has achieved these such amazing initial successes as we received all wholeheartedly supports from our over 50 experienced partners in crypto market.

Multigame will continue to focus on partners development parallel with product and community. We will announce specific partner in the product development process, and notify the community.

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