As already announced earlier, we now have new tokenomics after burning 300,000,000 $MULTI.

We will together dig in deeper about our new tokenomics in this article.

Why 30% $MULTI was burned?

As we shared with you previously, it accidently caused fears to new investors when 69.5% $MULTI was for farming in 3 years.

So, we decided to burn 300,000,000 $MULTI and had a change to Tokenomics.

Change the Farming Model

39.5% $MULTI will be for Farming, this related to our first game that we are developing.

If you join the Farming (or simply hold $MULTI), we will not directly reward you $MULTI but will give you new NFTs

When you collect enough required NFTs, you will be able to summon a character of Multigame. Once this character is shaped, you can sell it at high price that will be committed to buy back by NFTs Reward Pool and NFTs Treasure.

Collect2Earn Game

In our new game, your task is only simply collecting our NFTs. When you collect a full set of NFTs, you will get a high profit.

We strongly believe that this is the simplest Collect2Earn trending game in the market now. It will help you not feeling bored and can try a simple game while waiting for our other more complicated games which costing us more time and money to design.

This included Hold and Stake

If you do not want to farm and just hold or stake $MULTI, you also will receive our new NFTs and join our game.

All others remain unchanged

All other features of Tokenomics will remain unchanged

  • 10% Liquidity Pool & Future Listing: this fund is for reserve purpose only. In future, if it is not full used, we will burn all.
  • 10% Community Incentive: this fund is planned to unlock in 2 years and only for community purpose. For example: Airdrop, Promotion, Learn&Earn Program.
  • 10% Private Sale: this fund already released 20% TGE, 80% will be locked and paid by installments in 1 year.
  • 0.5% Public Sale: this fund was fully paid to those participated in IDO on August 30th.

We will continue to burn $MULTI

We will continue to burn $MULTI of whichever fund that have many or not in use in the future. We always open to receive value feedbacks from the community to improve our product structure.

And even we will continue to buy back $MULTI in the market and burn it with the revenue we gain from marketplace such as INO.

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